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MHYH iPhone App for iOS 7
MHYH iPhone App for iOS 7
We're pleased to announce version 2.0 of our iPhone app is available from the app store as from today - either to purchase or as an update for existing users running iOS 7

* Listen to the live stream of My House Your House Radio on the move.

* Chat live with the DJ and other listeners from around the world.

* Keep up to date with news of worldwide events and forthcoming releases in the underground house and eclectic music scene.

* Displays current show information.

* View station SoundCloud, Twitter and Facebook pages.

* Utilises the successful Stormy Productions streaming engine (used in over 50 other available applications).

* Pause, rewind and fast forward the live stream.

* Automatic reconnection on loss of connection.

* Compatible with iOS 7.0 onwards.

Welcome to the first iOS 7 version of the MHYH Radio App. Here is a list of the new features that we hope you'll enjoy:

-iPhone 5 support

-New navigation, putting the music front and center

-Redesigned tabs for Featured, Shoutbox, Schedule and More

-Links to MHYH on the web (Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud)

-Improved speed

Because of some of the features, this is an iOS 7 only update and compatible with iPhone 4 and above.

This version was conceived and re-designed with James Gunaca. Keep an eye out for his future projects including an exciting new MHYH iPad app. Spread the word online about the #1 place for Underground House and Eclectic music brought to you by the MHYH Family.

PS - stay tuned for more updates coming soon...

posted on: October 14 2013

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