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Soulgrab Records 02 Out Soon
Soulgrab Records 02 Out Soon
We're happy to announce a new release from Soulgrab available from December 8th. Patrick Gideon will also be on the show this Sunday 9th November to promote his 'I Hope You Robot' 3 track EP

Patrick Gideon - I Hope You Robot (Soulgrab Records)

1. El Camino

2. City Rhythms (Beats And Freaks Mix)

3. Shameless

Soulgrab Records is a recent addition into the ring of Texas house music labels, proving there’s hardly just a ‘Lone Star’ in that state’s electronic music community. For Soulgrab’s second release they touch down in Dallas with three original productions from Patrick Gideon. Titled I Hope You Robot, the EP’s individual cuts are each made up of very different parts. From an early age, starting in his early teens, there’s something in Gideon’s wiring that has made him seek out his own methods of programming, whether it be DJ’ing parties or producing music. He broke with the predominant sound at his early rave experiences with explorations into house music. This desire to break with the status quo in favor of more personal pursuits is shown by the range of this work. “El Camino” is a minimal and deep tech-house vehicle with a meaningful message provided by an expertly placed vocal sample breaking through the hypnotism of the track’s laid back lounge appeal. The slower “City Rhythms” serves as a complete ‘one-eighty,’ busting out unexpectedly in a broken electro funk and nu-disco party-starting blend. Once again nothing like its predecessor, “Shameless” is a flashy, hard-hitting piece poised to drive the dance floor into a frenzy with its sublime UK garage flavor. All together, I Hope You Robot will have listeners unable to sit still – much like its creator.

posted on: November 09 2014

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