Enjoying the show? Say hi...
klutz good to hear you again
mademoiselle frenchy yo
neil cheers natty
natty fookin brilliant mr Sherwood thank you
neil almost out of time, last couple from me
natty how can you not?
Rawtrachs locked and listening!
Rui Fradinho Love this Lyric L tune (and album)
Rui Fradinho Afternoon :-)
Guzzy Bowen glad to be here 💯
neil welcome to repair your soul
Guzzy Bowen yeah buddy
natty get yer boots on
SimSIm I know its a bit thuddy
ChrisGrowMore warming up
SimSim Yo
ChrisGrowMore meow.
natty me too chinchin wusnt me
TCB let your soul glow all night long natty
natty really
natty safe to say
TCB slick track
natty very clever
natty oh yes indeed
TCB thank ya thank ya
natty very Organized Confusion
natty witness
TCB indeed it is!
natty game on
TCB here we go
natty sure
natty out of context
natty it is only when hearing something
natty let go? why? rather nice...
natty for the love innit
natty house shoe hotel
natty hey thats some time away
TCB just lurking about until my show starts
natty beyond sector?
natty oh my goodness
natty pure honey
natty TCB
natty aint nothing sweeter than
TCB hello everyone
natty dropit like a bomb!
natty when you find the answer
natty great tune
natty because it must
natty give it some fookin welly
natty how to make time stand still
natty nothing is sure
natty sure?
natty it is the only light we have
natty declare
natty i have nothing to decleare
natty no parking
natty sounds like fun
natty if we are not here we are somewhere else
natty does it really matter where we are?
natty how it sounds
natty this long long beach called life
natty on the beach
natty tunes lee
natty easy on the f***ing sauce
natty tunes are all about all the time
natty about time
natty just because you think you can see
natty just because you hear dont mean it is real
natty insight?
natty alphabet
natty we just pluck letters from the alphb
natty how do we construct words?
natty its ok to msay some words wonders why
natty blow job
natty hear what i mean?
natty it is way too big to hide
natty nobody can hide love
camouflaged disco thanks to everyone for tuning in
camouflaged disco you there lee
camouflaged disco second that
natty because we believe in love
natty because just because
natty take a f***ing jump mofos
natty cludo
camouflaged disco at the start of harmony
natty we are talking about the tunes
natty harm? harm where is that?
natty do you know how i know this?
camouflaged disco freedom of speech but do not harm
natty once bitten twice shy
natty last bite? there is no last
natty is like the last bite
natty freedom of speech
natty when we had to choose our words
natty since when did words harm us?
peatchbeeatch nighty nightz
peatchbeeatch gr8 show
peatchbeeatch authorityyyy sounds legit