Enjoying the show? Say hi...
Guzzy Bowen glad to be tuning in!
Guzzy Bowen hi everyone!
klutz love this cwmbran city mix
klutz evenin lee
Country Gents hi everyone
Glen Disappear is on the air
Rreka See ya in two weeks time!!
Rreka Thank you for tuning in... have a blessed week
Rreka We are live!!
Rreka Live from the CA !!
Rreka The Mixdown in 15 min...
J.Caprice Thanks for listening everyone
J.Caprice Thanks Natty
natty mr Caprice
J.Caprice Thanks for bumpin along with me
J.Caprice Night Klutz
natty pHrEak
klutz night natty
natty chinchin klutz
natty haha tune
klutz great show joshua time for bed here am afraid. Catch ya in 2 weeks
J.Caprice I'll be sure to send it overfor archives
J.Caprice Thanks guys
klutz look forward to getting it for our archives sir
natty hit it on the head
tim k simplistic radio is the jam
J.Caprice Thank ya klutz and yes I am recording
klutz hope ya been recording
klutz splendid stuff mr caprice
natty round the block
J.Caprice Night Je thanks for swinging through
J.Caprice Thank ya tim
holmez g'night folks. great show j
tim k good tunes
tim k
holmez dangerous
J.Caprice Thanks Klutz
klutz need to get back over to texas some point
natty thump
klutz soundin nice mr caprice
holmez why after all this time? my feelings can't explain!!
holmez klutz is going in y'all
natty hangon hang on makes sense
klutz i also have wine and no work tomorrow
natty everyone on yer feet mr caprice
J.Caprice Thanks Joe
holmez solid mixins joshua
klutz was quality natty
holmez nice 1. thanks klutz
holmez i can just hear sade hnag on to your love mixing into this
natty fookin ell klutz 7 nil way to go
klutz just uploaded ya latest show to the archive player joe
holmez doing well brother. likewise
klutz hahahaha
holmez totally factual klutz
holmez hey natty
J.Caprice hope you and the fam have been well.
klutz it is true that music always sounds better after liverpool win 7-0
natty MHYH
J.Caprice Joe! so good to see you
natty yeah joe
holmez do what you want, do what you feeeel
holmez wuddup josh. this is joe holmes
tim k
J.Caprice enjoy the show guys
J.Caprice got me ?
natty eyup j caprice
Bootsy Have a great show J,Caprice
klutz gotcha fine mr caprice
Bootsy thanks folks. all yours J
natty a voyage into the known unknown
natty me too thank you
J.Caprice Good show Bootsy. I really enjoyed your set.
J.Caprice sounds good. I'll be ready.
Bootsy Cool. Will fade out on the hour
natty i did have to reload it a couple of times, just to make sure
J.Caprice yep yep
Bootsy J.Caprice. Are you out there ?
natty haha bootsy
natty resplendant indeed klutz
Bootsy why thanks Klutz. Almost flaked. but glad i kicked myself up the arse
klutz resplendent as ever bootsy
natty tangent
J.Caprice Sick track
natty such a vast universe
Bootsy Thanks J.Caprice
J.Caprice Diggin the vibes your playing.
J.Caprice Thanks Bootsy
natty true soul
Bootsy whuppin em
Bootsy Yes klutz
natty Bootsy whupping tunes into place
natty don't look down