MHYH Radio Needs YOU!

All of us at My House Your House take great pride and passion in preparing our shows, building our audience and giving everyone a true grassroots station that is on the cutting edge of what's happening NOW in underground music culture. Our founders and operators, Alex Traska, Klutz, James Gunaca and those active in the community are working hard behind the scenes to keep the station evolving whilst remaining rooted in what the underground is all about : sharing this global connection of music that we all have with each other! MHYH begins and ends with you. Our listeners, our DJ's, our family and friends.

MHYH operates entirely off of donations from our DJs, listeners and friends. We do not and will not ever require people to pay to DJ or listen to My House Your House broadcasts but as the site continues to grow so do our operating costs. All that we ask of our community is to consider a small paypal subscription or donation.

On behalf of the DJs, our supporters, family, and friends of the wonderful community that is My House Your House Radio we want to say thank you for the love and support from everyone in the past 10 years of broadcasting. Here's to the future.

Monthly Subscription of £2.50 (approx. $4 USD)

Monthly Subscription of £5.00 (approx. $8 USD)

Monthly Subscription of £10.00 (approx. $16 USD)

Or you can make a one time donation of any amount here. No donation is too small!

Thank you all for your support and let's keep the vibe alive!!